April 26, 2020

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A miracle in Italy? The village in the middle of the epicenter of the pandemic has no infected person

italy coronavirus

The village of Ferrera Erbognone is located in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic epicenter in Italy. Yet he does not have a single case of infection, writes the server Heute.at. Is it a miracle?

The small village of Ferrera Erbognone is located in the province of Pavia in the Lombardy region. There live about 1140 inhabitants, most are over sixty years. Therefore, it belongs to the most endangered group for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection.

“Maybe we have some antibodies, otherwise I have no explanation. We live quite normal as ever. We go out, ”

says one woman on the street.

Mayor Giovanni Fassina wants residents to be protesting to see if they have had coronavirus infection earlier and are now immune to the virus.

“Only tests will determine whether people have come into contact with coronavirus, how and whether they have been infected. Later this will be important for studies to develop antibodies. But it will take some time ”

Giovanni Fassina

However, the municipality’s management appeals to the population to follow the precautionary measures taken against the spread of coronavirus.

“I live alone and I’m afraid of the virus, so when I go out I always wear a mask.”

one woman said

Other people speak of “miracle.” Nobody has an explanation for this situation. For many Italians, however, this is a little hope in the midst of a horror film that they experience in a coronavirus pandemic infection, writes Heute.at.

Coronavirus Italy statistics

In Italy, 92 500 people are infected with the coronavirus. The country reports over 10,000 victims and 12,400 healed.