May 27, 2020

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It’s like September 11th, the New Yorkers say.

The number of coronavirus victims in the US on Monday exceeded three thousand, infected with over 163 thousand people. The situation remains the worst in New York, where health professionals are not able to cope with the number of new patients. One of the doctors on Twitter shared a farewell message to her children because she fears that coronavirus will succumb to herself. Rescuers are also on the brink of power.

Doctor Cornelia Griggs works at a hospital in New York where she treats infected with coronavirus daily. In an emotional post on Twitter, she posted a message to her children in case she became a victim of a virus.

“My children are too young to read this report now. They barely recognize me in a protective suit. But if they lose me because of COVID-19, I wish they knew their mother was trying to do her job, ”she wrote.

The doctor also attached her photo from the hospital to the paper. Since its publication, more than 118,000 people have shared Tweet and received almost 610,000 likes.

Doctor: I want my kids to know this if the virus kills me Cornelia Griggs speaks with CNN’s Don Lemon about what she’s seeing every shift in her hospital, and what she wants her kids to know in case they lose their coronavirus.

Monday was the worst coronavirus pandemic day in the US in terms of deaths. At least 574 people were killed by COVID-19 and the Johns Hopkins University database reported 3,170 deaths on Monday morning. Thus, the US balance approached that of China, where 3 305 people died due to coronavirus.

In New York alone, 914 deaths were reported, and 1,224 COVID-19 fatalities were reported from the whole of New York. The total number of confirmed infections in the US has already exceeded 163 thousand and six thousand patients are considered to be healed by doctors.

I’m scared, says a paramedic who helped September 11, 2001

In addition to doctors, rescuers are also under pressure to drive around the city continuously for coronavirus infection. “It’s like a war zone. I’m afraid, ”said Phil Suarez, who has been working in New York City as a rescuer for 26 years and also assisted in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks .

“I honestly don’t know if I will survive. I’m afraid of bringing home, ”adds Suarez, who also served in the Iraq war after the attacks. According to him, some patients must remain in serious condition at home, because the health care system cannot handle all of them. Rescuers decide daily about life and death.

Another rescuer said he had experienced a suicide attempt for a woman whose chemotherapy was discontinued because the hospital needed beds because of coronavirus. On another shift, he responded to so many cardiac arrests that he ran out of the defibrillator battery. “No matter how much money you have, the virus treats everyone equally,” he said.

The 911 hotline is also paralyzed, with about four thousand people calling in New York every day for coronavirus. On Thursday, dispatchers even received more than seven thousand calls, the last number they had seen in connection with the September 11 attacks.

Due to the growing number of patients in Central Park, New York, a field hospital is rapidly emerging with 68 beds for coronavirus patients. Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York, said it should work from Tuesday.

The USNS Comfort Army hospital ship arrived in New York on Monday to help healthcare professionals cope with the coronavirus crisis in the big city. The ship is located, inter alia, twelve operating theaters, about a thousand beds, ICU, laboratory and pharmacy. 1,100 doctors and medical professionals will take care of the sick.

The ship will be in charge of treating patients with problems other than coronavirus infection. This will free the hands of other doctors in the city. The mayor of New York, after the arrival of the ship, said that the city needs to triple the number of hospital beds available by the end of May.

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