April 27, 2020

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LEAKED documents! 20x MORE CCP Coronavirus cases then oficially reported!

According to internal government documents obtained by our sister media, the Chinese epic times.

In one example the real number of new cases of infection in Wuhan is over 20 times more than the official numbers.

The documents delivered to Wuhan Health Commission are part of a daily report of nucleic test results that confirm cases of infection of the CCP virus.

The reports show for March 14th last Saturday among the over 16,000 people examined, 91 tested positive for the first time. This means there were 91 newly confirmed cases in Wuhan last Saturday, but the official number from the Chinese regime for Wuhan City for the same day was 4.

For the next day March 15th it’s still for the total number is less than 5% of the real number.

Or to put it another way, over 95% of new cases or concealed on Thursday. President Trump expressed doubt about the data released by the communist regime as far as believing what they’re putting out.

Who knows the Chinese regime is saying the virus has basically been contained in China but the leaked documents show among the 16,000 tested over 1/4 took the test for the first time representing a potentially larger number of people who could be infected but don’t know it and these numbers are from those who have taken the test with the city’s lockdown.

Many are confined to their homes and have had no chance to take the test so the real number could be still higher.