May 5, 2020

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Spain has a record death toll, while in Austria the number of infected people is decreasing

Spain has reported the largest daily increase in coronavirus victims so far. 838 people died of COVID-19 on the last day. By contrast, Austria has seen the slightest increase in the number of people infected since the outbreak. Some Asian states, on the other hand, are seeing an increase in the infected. Japan recorded a record increase in cases of infection.

The number of coronavirus victims in Spain has increased steadily in recent days. On Friday the authorities reported about 769 deaths, on Saturday 832 people died. On Sunday the number climbed to 838. In total, COVID-19 fell to 6,528 people in the country.

There are almost 79,000 infected people in Spain. Compared to Saturday, the number increased by more than 6,500 people.

The most critical situation is now in absolute numbers in Madrid, where they have almost 23,000 infected and over 3,000 dead. In terms of population, however, it is most infected in the northern region of La Rioja, where there are 514 patients per 100,000 people.

Spain is the second worst-hit country in the world after Italy in terms of the number of victims of COVID-19, but ranks behind the United States, Italy and China.

Some Spanish health professionals and politicians argue that a staggering increase in the number of victims can be attributed to budget cuts that have damaged Spanish health, writes Politico. Health spending has risen after the cuts have been released, but investments are still lagging behind what is needed, says doctor José Félix Hoyo, who works at the Emergency Department in Móstoles near Madrid and is head of the Spanish branch of Médecins du Monde.

Investments in healthcare fell from 6.8 percent of gross domestic product in 2009 to 5.9 in the last draft budget, far below the EU average of 7.5 percent. As a result of cuts, “a growing number of new doctors are unemployed or moving to other countries,” last year’s EU report said. After austerity measures, the number of hospital beds and the number of part-time doctors and nurses increased, the document also pointed out.

Germany has over 50,000 infected and nearly 400 dead

In Germany, 64 people died of coronavirus in 24 hours, the number of victims rose to 389. Since Saturday morning the number of cases increased by 3,965 to 52,547, according to Reuters, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

The Institute notes that the data is incomplete because it has not yet received any data from Baden-Württemberg, Hessen and Saarland.

In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, RKI chief Lothar Wieler warned that the health system could face similar pressure in Germany as in Italy if coronavirus spread intensified. “We can’t rule out more patients than lung ventilators,” he pointed out. “Of course we must assume that capacities will not be sufficient,” he added. The Italian Civil Protection Authority has identified the lack of fans and protective equipment as the biggest problem of the Italian health system this week.

Germany still has a low death-to-confirmed death ratio compared to other countries. “It’s primarily because we test so many people,” Wieler said. He pointed out that, due to the high number of tests, many young people with only mild symptoms appear in German statistics.

Wieler also warned that the death toll in Germany could increase rapidly if coronavirus began to spread in hospitals or retirement homes. “We’re still at the beginning of the wave. I can only encourage everyone to take this pandemic very seriously, ”he said. He added that the effect of anti-coronavirus measures could be assessed at Easter at the earliest.

The country has taken a number of measures to slow the spread of coronavirus, including a ban on gathering more than two people in public places. According to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of office, these measures cannot be released until 20 April. Chancellor, who is alone in the home quarantine, appreciated that the Germans in the vast majority adhere.

In Austria, those infected are increasing more slowly

For the second consecutive day, Austria has seen the slightest increase in the number of coronavirus infections since the start of the epidemic. Compared to 24 hours ago, the number of positive tests increased by 7.7 percent to Sunday morning, the lowest so far. On Saturday, the increase was 7.9 percent.

Austrian health workers have so far tested over 46,000 people. Of those who confirmed COVID-19, 931 patients ended up in the hospital, of which nearly two hundred are in critical condition in intensive care units. So far, 86 people have died as a result of the infection. Altogether there are over 8 500 infected in Austria.

The epicenter of the disease in Austria is the Tyrolean district of Landeck, where the Ischgl ski resort is located, with 1314 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In Switzerland, the number of infected coronaviruses has risen by more than 1,100 to 14,336 since Saturday. Switzerland, which has virtually the same population as Austria, has carried out over 111,000 tests. 13 percent were positive. The number of victims of coronavirus in Switzerland has reached 257, compared to Saturday it is 22 more.

South Asia reports an increase in cases

South Asian states reported a new and higher balance of infected and victims of COVID-19. The worst situation is according to the statistics to date in Malaysia, where 2 470 people have been infected so far. There were 150 new cases of infection per day.

Thailand reported 143 newly infected cases, with a total of 1,388 confirmed cases. In Indonesia there are a total of 1 285 infected, the Philippines reports 1,418 cases. There are 800 infected in Singapore.

In Australia, the number of infections increased by 431. It has 3 809 confirmed cases of infection. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison advised Australians not to sit in more than two people and not to go out unless it is absolutely necessary. The Prime Minister recommended voluntary quarantine to people over 70 years of age.

Record growth of Coronavirus infection in Japan

The number of infected people is also increasing in Japan, which has so far avoided the coronavirus crisis. Authorities in Tokyo again recorded a record daily increment of infected, tests newly confirmed infection in 68 residents. Three people have succumbed to COVID-19 since Saturday. In total, Japanese authorities register 1,800 cases of infection and 55 deaths.

Of the 68 new cases in Tokyo, more than 20 are related to the spread of the infection in a hospital in the eastern part of the city, where other patients and employees had previously been infected.

Tokyo’s Governor Juriko Koike had previously called for tens of millions of residents in and around the city to come out of the house in urgent cases until April 12.

Another outbreak in Japan is the Disability Center in Chiba Prefecture near the capital. There were 28 other infections confirmed by the authorities on Saturday, so the total number of people infected – including the center’s clients, employees, and their families – is 86.